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Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper (NGC) attorneys Tim Clements and Nick Dertouzos sued and won a $10 million judgment in the Ohio Supreme Court for 12 charters schools that were improperly denied grant funding by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Clements and Dertouzos filed a writ of mandamus, an extra ordinary legal procedure that asks the Ohio Supreme Court to order the Ohio government to take some action. In this case, NGC attorneys convinced the Ohio Supreme Court that their clients had a clear legal right to the grants because they met the criteria established by the Legislature and that ODE had added and used improper criteria to deny them the grant dollars. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that ODE’s grounds for denial were not justified by what the Ohio legislature intended when it established the grants. Those interested in reading more about the decision, The State Ex Re. Horizon Science Academy of Lorain, Inc. v. Ohio Dept. of Edn., can find the Court’s opinion here.