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Sports law

The sports lawyers at Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper (NGC) offer professional services throughout Ohio to clients in the sports industry.  Our attorneys provide clients with a range of services geared toward ensuring their legal rights and protecting their businesses, including counseling clients and negotiating sponsorship and other agreements.

Sports law encompasses a wide range of issues—creating team ownership entities, negotiating and interpreting contracts and agreements and preventing, defending and prosecuting claims of liability, to name just a few.

With backgrounds in sports law as well as labor and employment and corporate law, NGC attorneys have the experience to handle the complex and sophisticated aspects of a sports law practice.

Our attorneys have represented team owners, operators and league officials in a variety of matters.

  • Contract negotiations
  • Creation of ownership packages for sports-related enterprises
  • Establishment of baseball clubs
  • Representation of obtaining league- and association-level approvals
  • Negotiation of asset and equity transfers
  • Negotiation of ballpark leases
  • Negotiation of labor agreements
  • Negotiation of sponsorships
  • Prevention and litigation of liability claims
  • Restructuring of equity and debt