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Sports and entertainment law

The sports and entertainment lawyers at Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper (NGC) offer professional services throughout Ohio to clients in both the entertainment and sports industries. Our attorneys provide clients with a range of services geared toward ensuring their legal rights and protecting their businesses, including counseling clients and negotiating sponsorship and other agreements.

Sports law

Sports law encompasses a wide range of issues—creating team ownership entities, negotiating and interpreting contracts and agreements and preventing, defending and prosecuting claims of liability, to name just a few.

With backgrounds in sports law as well as labor and employment and corporate law, NGC attorneys have the experience to handle the complex and sophisticated aspects of a sports law practice.

Our attorneys have represented team owners, operators and league officials in a variety of matters.

  • Contract negotiations
  • Creation of ownership packages for sports-related enterprises
  • Establishment of baseball clubs
  • Representation of obtaining league- and association-level approvals
  • Negotiation of asset and equity transfers
  • Negotiation of ballpark leases
  • Negotiation of labor agreements
  • Negotiation of sponsorships
  • Prevention and litigation of liability claims
  • Restructuring of equity and debt

Entertainment law

The music business involves customs and practices that present unique challenges and legal issues. Balancing the individual interests of a musician with the interests of a group as a whole is one example. Balancing the protection of one’s creative work with the desire to widely publish the work is another. The lawyers at NGC, backed by years of experience in the music business, skillfully assist clients in negotiating these issues.

  • Advice on and drafting of management agreements
  • Copyright protection
  • Drafting of music publishing agreements
  • Negotiation of royalty agreements